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February 4, 2010

Time Management

I've developed a system for managing my time that works really well for me. It's grounded in the LPS process. LPS stands for List, Prioritize, Schedule. In this methodology, I first list out my goals for the upcoming week and break them into reasonable tasks. Then I prioritize the items according to there importance. Finally, I schedule them into my day. I do this about once a day such that my life remains flexible and I can bend the rules when I need too. The only requirement is to have an accurate picture of what I did today and list my plan for tommorow.

Now on to the technology part. I'm using google calendar and remember the milk to accomplish this goal. I created a list for each important topic i remember the milk. I add to this list as soon as I think of the task. Then as a 10 min end of day routine, I re-rank my tasks in remember the milk and remove frivolous tasks and make sure that my depiction of the day is accurate. I then use Google calendar to create time slots in my next day for each new tasks that I would like to accomplish.

This routine is working really well for me and has enabled me to become a better organized and well defined person. I'll blog about this some more and provide screenshots such that you can see exactly how I accomplish this.

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