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January 30, 2010


Today has been an interesting experiment in setbacks and how to handle them. Let me give you a brief run down of my day so far. I was supposed to travel to Dallas today and hang out with Holley.
  1. 12:00pm: Wake up late and hustle to get out the door.
  2. 12:05pm: Realize that my car is pulling to the right really heavily and pull over at Quiznos.
  3. 12:06pm: My front tire is completely deflated, I get out the spare and start putting it on.
  4. 12:15pm: After finding a way to jack up my car, I realize I don't have the right wrench to get the lug nuts off and need to walk home to get the right wrench from the tool chest.
  5. 12:30pm: Back at home, grab the right wrench and start walking back.
  6. 12:45pm: I get all the lug nuts off, push the spare tire into its place, and tighten it down.
  7. 12:50pm: Drive home sad, beaten, and discouraged.
  8. 12:55pm: Grab a beer.
A new tire will run me about $200 dollars and I have not a single clue how I will be able to get through the year with this kind of debt.

Anyways, talk to you later interwebs.


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