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February 10, 2010

I'm a Ubuntu Contributor

I fixed my first Ubuntu Bug today. It was an interesting experience and the #ubuntu-motu team really helped me out. A special thanks goes out to Daniel Chen for uploading my new package. The process was a bit involved and I came out with a lot more knowledge than I had anticipated. The process went a bit like this.
  1. Download the Source : apt-get source package
  2. Update the changelog: dch -i
  3. Make modifications to the code and debian directory.
  4. Build the deb: debuild -S -us -uc #us and uc disable signing the package. -S builds both source and binary packages
  5. Take a debdiff: debdiff package-oldver.dsc package-newver.dsc > package-newver.debdiff
All and all an interesting and rewarding experience. I may just do this a bit more often.

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