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January 28, 2010

Network Redesign

I think its about time I got rid of the oldest but also most important server in my network, gin.
Gin has been good to me for a couple years now, running my website, providing me with a printer/scanner server, acting as a router, and even hosting my revision control, but there wont be room when I move. While gin has been good for quite a while (first computer I ever built) its only an AMD 1.1 GHz with 512MB of Ram and 40GB of disk space. I will be moving off of gin in the next few weeks and onto jager.

I use quite a few network service this point and even host my own website from home. However, I wasn't that smart when I designed my current network setup and would like to rearrange the network in order to give me some additional flexibility. I came up with the drawing to the right in order to explain exactly what I intend to do. Let me start off by giving a brief description of each node.
  • Brandy - Slicehost server
  • Gin - OpenWRT based router (takes over my old servers name)
  • Whisky - Desktop
  • Jager - Server
  • Beer - HTPC
  • Wine - Holley's laptop
  • Vodka - My laptop
By setting up the network in this fashion, I believe I will be able to get more bandwidth from my servers at home and abroad. No longer when I am transferring large files on the local network will my internet speeds decrease for jager or whisky. This also allows me to have out of band communication with whisky and jager, therefore in the extremely off chance that I get a DDOS aimed at me; I'll be able to attempt to fight it off. I'm attempting to get my hands wet with puppet in order to set this all up, and allow me to be more agile in the future. No more configuring by hand and forgetting what I did. Anyways see ya tommorow blogosphere and I hope someone reads this and gives me some suggestions.


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